Mishygoss and shalom  


It's been a while since I've posted anything. Nothing terribly unusual, but here I am, time to write some more. We were shifting house all through December.. oy. Never try to move house over Christmas, it's just not pretty. So moving over, it's time for me to start packing again. I leave for New Zealand in less than a month now, a prospect that's exciting and terrifying all at once. I think over all it's a good move, but I'm going to miss my family. Speaking of my family, oy the the fights are getting on my nerves. A girl can only take so much at a time. But that's enough of the mishygoss! I feel really good now. I had a good talk with Dad this morning and I think he understands what I've been trying to explain for years, at least a little bit. I have exciting things happening, things are kind of pulling together a bit in life, I've been having some fun, and to cap it off, it's Shabbat! I love Shabbat so much. Let me see... I might be getting baptised tomorrow evening, that's very exciting. Fun and interesting things are happening in the book-world too, though my poor NaNovel is a mess and it's scaring me a bit, just thinking of how much work I still have to do with it before it's even worthy of being stuffed in that drawer and forgotten for the rest of time. But it's ok, good things take time and effort and I'm rather fond of the poor sad little story. I went into the City the other night with Matthew and went to a concert, to see The Kin. I'm so, so glad I went! That was amazing. If you've never heard them, you must. Their voices are just beautiful, and they match so well! Listen to an accoustic version of their song Abraham on YouTube and you'll understand what I mean.

So yeah. I'm just lying on my bed, playing The Kin, enjoying the fact that there's a ceiling fan in my room... this is Shabbat. Everything is just fine. Shabbat shalom, haverim ^_^

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1 comments: to “ Mishygoss and shalom

  • Anonymous
    February 26, 2010 at 9:00 PM  

    I think I understand more about you after reading that, I never thought of lying down peacefully, just to rest, and having a time to just be calm, and remember all the good things in the world :)


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